The following is a list of books and reference materials avilable to club members to borrow.  Should you wish to order a book or DVD from the Club library please order via e-mail at The Club Librarian will then bring the book etc to the next available club meeting for your collection.

Title Author Reference No
Brian Sheedy's Outback on Your Doorstep. Sheedy, Brian 3
The Story of Land Cruiser 8
Kings in grass castles Durack, Mary 14
Camping Guide to Western Australia (2/e) Lewis, CraigSavage, Cathy 23
Vehicle Navigation in Australia 26
Natural History of North East Deserts 27
Safe Outback Travel Absalom, Jack A-00001
Outback Cooking in the Camp Oven Absalom, Jack & RegBurt,  A-00002
Explore Australia's Great Inland Andrews, Bill A-00003
Cactus culling at Gum Creek 2014 Abbot, Ralph A-00003A
HF Radio for Travellers Aulich, Michael Aulich  A-00004
Coorong Pilot Baker, Ronald J B-00003
Outback Highways Beadell, Len B-00004
Blast the Bush Beadell, Len B-00005
50 Day Walks Near Melbourne (The Age  Bardwell, Sandra B-00006
The Living Centre of Australia Blombery, Alec M. B-00008
Off-Road Tasmania Boden, Chris B-00009
Blast the Bush Beadell, Len B-00011
Kidman the Forgotten King Bowen, Jill B-00012
In the Steps of Burke & Wills Bergin, Tom B-00014
The Life and Travels of a Ten Pound Pom Brown, Jean Iris B-00015
End Of An Era Beadell, Len B-00016
Still in the Bush Beadell, Len B-00018
4WD Tracks in Tasmania Boden, Chris B-00020
Mr Stuart's Track Bailey, John B-00022
Down Under in the Top End: Penelope  Bowden, Tim B-00024
Bill Bryson Down Under Bryson, Bill B-00025
Central Australia Carter, JeffCarter, Mare C-00002
Carters' Central Australia Carter, Mare Carter Jeff C-00006
Maralinga Communities, With  C-00007
Arnhem Land Cole, Keith C-00008
Heritage Trails of the Great South East Cook, [Kay Cohen and  C-00010
From the Front - A. B. ( Banjo ) Paterson's  Droogleever, R. W. F. ( Ed. D-00003
Ghost Towns of Australia Farwell, George F-00005
Nullarbor Lifelines Fuller, Basil F-00008
Unravelling the Northern Fliders and Beyond Forbes, CARoline J. F-00009
HELLFIRE - The Story of Australia, Japan and  FORBES, CAMERON F-00010
CANNING STOCK ROUTE a Traveller's Guide Gard, Ronele and Eric G-00001
Bet Your Life Green, Evan G-00003
Down Under Outback Adventures with attitude  Charles Gardener G-00004
My Dear Spencer G-00005
Gammon Ranges National Park and  Heard, Adrian H-00001
A Guide to Priceless Camp Sites and Rest  Holland, Jan H-00003
Australian Mammals Hyett, Text by JackShaw,  H-00006
The Great Ocean Road Hyett, Written and  H-00007
The River: A Journey Through the Murray- H-00008
Bush Food Isaacs, Jennifer I-00001
Endangered Characters of Australia Joffe, Mick J-00002
River Tracks John, and De Courcy,  J-00003
A Son of 'The Red Centre' Johannsen, Kurt  J-00004
Tanami: On Foot Across Australia's Desert  Kelly, Kieran K-00002
Up the Track Lockwood, Douglas L-00001
Camping guide to South Australia Lewis, CraigSavage, Cathy L-00003
Camping guide to South Australia Lewis, CraigSavage, Cathy L-00004
Lake Eyre Lockyer, Paul L-00006
Dangerous Snakes of Australia Mirtschin, Peter M-00001
Cooper's Creek Moorehead, Alan M-00002
Cape York - An Adventurer's Guide Moon, Ron & Viv M-00007
Cape York - An Adventurer's Guide Moon, Ron & Viv M-00009
Great Australian Shearing Stories Marsh, Bill "Swampy" M-00011
Discover Kangaroo Island Mccaskill, Sue Barker -  M-00013
Snakes Alive and Other Verses MAGOR, BOBBroelman M-00014
Mission to Arnhem Land Mckenzie, Maisie M-00015
Going Bush Mcenally, Lawrie and Julie M-00016
Unique Animals and Birds of Australia Morcombe], Michael  M-00017
Crossing the Dead Heart Madigan, C.T.Harris, With  M-00019
Michael Morcombe's wild Australia Morcombe, Michael M-00020
Discover Victoria's Mallee Kelly, Margaret M-00021
Campfire Cookbook The TLCC of AUS (Sydney) M-00022
Tales in the Sand Moseby, Theresa Nano  M-00025
The Story of the Flinders Ranges Mincham, Hans M-00026
Discover Australia by 4WD Moon, Ron & Viv M-00027
NATMAP Digital Maps 250K 2008 MAP-0001
HEMA 1st Edition MAP-0002
Great Desert Tracks Map Pack MAP-0003
Mallee Tracks (Copy 2) Nickolls, JillAngels, Ann N-00006
Heritage Trails of the Queensland Outback Pearce, Kay Cohen and  P-00003
Homesteads of the Stony Desert PEARCE, Howard P-00004
Nothing Prepared Me! Quilty, Edna Eckford Q-00001
The Motoring Holiday Guide to North  Rutledge, Len R-00001
Red Sand, Green Heart Read, John L. R-00002
Dune is a Four-Letter Word Sprigg, Griselda S-00001
Highway Guide Around Australia Smedley, Written by  S-00002
Bush Camps and Rest Areas Throughout  Smedley, Written by Paul S-00004
Camping Guide to Victoria Savage, Compiled by  S-00005
A Lifetime in the Bush Shephard, Mark S-00006
4WD Tracks of the High Country (Copy2) Lewis, CraigSavage, Cathy S-00007
Camping Guide to Tasmania Savage, Compiled by  S-00008
The Beckoning West Smith, Eleanor S-00009
Going the Distance: A Walk Across Australia Sorensen, Deanna S-00012
Australian Bush Cooking Savage, CathyLewis, Craig S-00013
20 Best Walks in Australia Thomas, Tyrone T. T-00001
RANGER'S TERRITORY Thiele, Colin ( As Told To) T-00002
Exploring Outback Australia Tobin, Meryl BrownTobin, T-00003
50 walks in the Grampians Thomas, Tyrone T. T-00004
Landcruising Australia Wide TLSCA T-00005
Landcruising Australia Wide TLSCA T-00006
In the Middle of Nowhere Underwood, Terry U-00001
4 WD to Adventure VID-0005
All New Discovery 3 VID-0008
Argadells Trip Sep 03 VID-0010
Australia Eye of the Strom VID-0012
Big Red to the Beach VID-0016
Birdsville to the Cape Moving Memories   VID-0018
Bush Tucker Man, Series 2, From Wildman to VID-0021
Canning Stock Route VID-0024
Cape York The Great Adventure VID-0025
Cape York: a travellers’ guide VID-0026
Conquering the Continent VID-0028
Digital Maps VID-0032
Discover the magnificent  Southern Flinders  VID-0033
Drive Tasmania VID-0034
Far N.Q. Adventure The Gall Boys VID-0035
Far North Qld - Land of  Tropical Splendour – VID-0036
Fishing & Fourwheeling Cape York VID-0037
Flinders Ranges: land of ancient grandeur VID-0038
Getting Through VID-0040
Going Geocentric: Understanding Aust. new  VID-0041
Great National Parks of Australia VID-0042
High Country Adventure (Copy 2) VID-0044
High Country Trip Dec 2002 - Jan 2003 VID-0045
High on Victoria VID-0046
Lets go Caravanning VID-0051
New South Wales – Australia’s Premier State VID-0054
Northern Territory – Australia’s Outback VID-0055
Outback Australia VID-0058
Over The Top Victorian High Country VID-0059
Panorama Australia – Volume The Video  VID-0060
Panorama Australia Volume 2 Nature’s  VID-0061
Queensland’s South East Land of Scenic  VID-0062
South Australia, Australia's Festival State VID-0066
South Australia, Australia's Festival State VID-0067
Territory Beyond, ""It's Still Out There"" VID-0069
the Australian High Country VID-0070
the Australian High Country VID-0071
The Great Australian Trek VID-0075
The Great Australian Trek VID-0076
The Kimberly Land of the Wandjina VID-0077
The Strzelecki Track VID-0081
Too long in the bush (part 1) VID-0083
Too long in the bush (part 2) VID-0084
Touring Australia's Southern Coast,  VID-0088
Tyrepliers, Tyre Repair made easy VID-0091
Victoria – Australia’s Garden State VID-0093
Western Australia Australia’s Wildflower  VID-0095
Across Australia - From Ocean to Desert VID-0097
Too Long in the Bush, Len Beadell Looks Back VID-0098
All New Discovery 3 VID-0099
Cape York: a travellers’ guide VID-0100
Burke & Wills Solar Eclipse VID-0101
Lake Eyre VID-0110
Australia Eve of the Storm Video, ABC VID-0111
What Sheep is That? Warman, Mike W-00001
No Roads Go by White, Myrtle Rose W-00002
Explore Australia by Four-Whee (Viking  Wherrett, Peter W-00003
Mailman of the Birdsville Track Weidenbach, Kristen W-00004
Rock Star Weidenbach, Kristin W-00005
Tom the Outback Mailman Weidenbach, Kristin W-00006
The Dog Fence: A Journey Across the Heart  Woodford, James W-00008
Of Billabongs and Broken Dreams Wood, Alistair W-00009
Telegraph Tourists W-00010
Natural History of Dalhousie Springs Zeidler, WPonder, W F Z-00001
Shark Bay–Ningaloo Coast & Outback  Zell, Len Z-00003