Membership Fees
(2018-2019 membership year)

Category Fee Comment
Joining $50 Once off joing fee
Annual $85
Annual membership fee of $85 for primary membership
  $65 Annual membership fee of $65 if secondary membership if you already are a primary member in another recognised 4wd club
(NB Members are either Primary or Secondary membership, not both)

Fees may be altered at the AGM each year in May.

A discount of $20 applies to membership for those who live 70kms or more from the GPO. This can apply to either primary or secondary membership.

The same fee applies to country, interstate, and international membership. Membership includes a single person, or a family membership (i.e. one or two adults and their children under 18).

Additional fees will apply to the commitment to attend events hosted by the club. This will include social events, training, trips and other activities arranged within the club..

Note: Annual fees are adjusted when joining part way through the year - the membership year treated as 1 June to 31 May (even though our financial year starts in May).

Suitable 4WD

Some vehicles may not be capable of successfully completing our trips and Driver Training Courses, either due to lack of a low range drive or axle articulation and road clearance. These vehicles would be limited to social events/activities. Enquiries can be made to to clarify whether your vehicle is in this category. The 'make' of vehicles is not restricted to Toyota, in fact, many of our approximately 350 members do not drive Toyota vehicles.

Application Form

Application for membership must be in writing signed by the Applicant and sent to the club, preferably by email to the Club Secretary.
DO NOT INCLUDE PAYMENT with the application.
As the Club's constitution requires a formality that all applications be considered by the membership and committee, there is approximately a month taken to reply and processes applications, possibly longer over the end of year holiday period. .
Want to join? Membership Application Form
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