Committee and Officers 2022-2023

The services for members are provided by Committee and Officers Bearers. All positions are honorary, unpaid and elected each year at the Annual General Meeting in May. Positions may be filled or reassigned as required by the Committee during the year.

To be nominated at the annual elections, you must attend three General Meetings in the six months prior to the AGM.

For reasons of general privacy, complete contact details are not provided on this page. E-mail addresses below are automatically redirected to the individuals.

Please advise the Membership Officer of any changes to your details.
For any general enquiries contact the Secretary.

Committee Roles

Committee Position Occupant Email & Position description
President Vlad Humeniuk Send an email to President
Vice President Darryl Royans Send an email to VPres
Organises guest speakers for the monthly meetings and stands in for the President as required.
Secretary Helen Brettig Send an email to Secretary
Club's Public Officer, handles general enquiries, general club correspondence etc.
Treasurer Tom Garamy Send an email to Treasurer
Responsible for banking funds, paying accounts, and reporting the financial activity to the committee and general membership.
Advertising & Publicity John Potts Send an email to Advertising
Maintains good relations with our sponsor and coordinates our presence at events such as 4x4 shows.
Education Officer Peter Harper Send an email to Education
The Education Officer organises events during the year primarily for newer members but events are organised to cater for a variety of interests, ie ladies general mechanical knowledge, specific service demonstrations as well as driving techniques and the social aspects of camping in large groups. The Club has trainers accredited via the Driver Training Unit of the Four Wheel Drive South Australia Clubs, and runs both Basic and Advanced courses for members only. Some charges may apply to cover camping fees and training materials etc.
Environment Officer Michael Polacek Send an email to Environment
The Club Environment Officer is available to provide assistance with details of Public Access Routes (PAR’s); to liaise with conservation and government bodies regarding environmental issues and to give general environmental advice.
Immediate Past President Allan McIntyre Send an email to IPP
Provides continuity and support for the new committee.
Minutes Secretary Max Smith Send an email to Minutes
Social Coordinator Pam Humeniuk Send an email to Social
A social event is organised for every month of the year and generally does not involve 4WD'ing. They are organised and advertised well in advance at meetings and in the Newsletter. These have always proved successful and early bookings are recommended. Contact the Social Convenor, or any of the Committee, for details of events. Some fees apply for entrance, camping etc as required.
Trips Coordinator Mike Barkway Send an email to Trips
Trips are advertised at meetings and in the Newsletter. Once again, be early. The Club Trips Co-ordinator does not usually organise trips, however will assist with details involved in organising your trip with the resources that are available along with a wealth of knowledge. Don't be bashful, ask as most members are only too willing to talk about their favourite trip somewhere or other.

Non - Committee Officers

Office Bearer Committee Position Responsible Occupant Email & Position description
Auditor Treasurer Steve Miller Performs the annual audit of the Clubs assets and financial activities.
Non Committee Four Wheel Drive South Australia Delegates Committee Four Wheel Drive South Australia Delegates Monte Weeding
Larry Coaker
Send an email to Delegates
Education Assistant Education Murray McClay Send an email to Education Assistant
Facebook Editor Education Darryl Royans
Andrew Strain
Send an email to Facebook Editor
Historical Vehicle Registration Vice President Darryl Royans
Michael Polacek
Send an email to clubrego
Membership Officer Secretary Graham Adams Send an email to Membership Officer
Advise this officer of change of address, postal, email. Manages membership applications and renewals, badges and so on. Maintains the club's membership database.
Merchandising Officer Publicity Carola Sanders Send an email to Merchandise
The Merchandising Officer provides a discounted variety of goods at meetings. Club apparel, wine glasses and mugs etc are also available.
Newsletter Editor Public relations/Sponsorship Vacant Send an email to Newsletter
Produces the monthly newsletter - this is available by e-email to members or by post.
Property Officer Vice President Murray McClay Send an email to the Property Officer
Maintains club property.
Radio/GPS Officer Education Ralph Abbot Send an email to the Radio Officer
The Club Radio Officer is available to advise about radio equipment, GPS, related software and to help resolve transmission/reception difficulties.
Social sub-committee Social Coordinator Various Send an email to the Social Committee
Technical Officer Education Officer Peter Young Send an email to Technical
This service is for members only - others please contact your vehicle manufacturer or supplier for such questions.
The Club Technical Officer is available to answer, or try to advise, on vehicle type problems. Answers are not guaranteed but the Technical Officer will endeavour to find an answer if the solution cannot be resolved on the spot. He/she also acts as a reference point for vehicle problems that can be referred to the manufacturer or our current sponsor for assistance.
Webmaster None Monte Weeding Send an email to Webmaster
Maintains the club web site.
Welcoming Officer Public relations/Sponsorship Vladimir Malcik Send an email to Welcoming
Visitors are welcome to our meetings. Look for the Welcoming officer who will assist you.

A portion of the annual membership fee is used to ensure that the officers and volunteers of the Club are covered under a Public and Directors & Officers Liability insurance scheme.