For Members

This page's purpose is to provide Members with information about the current activities of the Club and certain reference material.


  • Membership Renewalbecomes due after the Annual General Meeting in May.
    Get your Membership renewal form here
    If you do not have the renewal form that was included in the May and June newsletter, then print and complete the Membership renewal form and send:
  • 1 the completed form
    2 membership fees (see Joining for details)
    3 $15 late fees if paying after 31st July
  • to the Treasurer at the postal address on our home page.
  • Note: you cease to be a financial member after July 31st, and may be added to the end of the waiting list should you want to renew after that date.

    Late fees: A late fee ($15) applies after July 31st. Please recognise that it is your responsibility to ensure that you renew your membership. This is especially important if your vehicle insurance policy requires you to be a current member of an affiliated 4WD club. For that reason (in addition to the constitution and others reasons) we will expect full payment covering the entire membership year despite the circumstances leading to your late payment. We only prorata new member fees, not renewal fees.

    Will you be away? If you are planning on being away when fees are due, please contact the Membership Officer for instructions.
Rejoining Fee has been introduced at $15 for past members who have left the club for more than 12 months (no books, badges etc would be reissued and if required would be on a user pays basis).
  • Have you changed your address, e-mail etc? Then advise the Membership Officer.
    General enquiries to the Secretary.
    For a full list of the Committe members visit the Committee page.
  • Club Newletter

  • Club Monthly Newsletter
    Editorial content is required by the weekend following the first Wednesday of the month.
    The newsletter is available via email or download current and older low and high resolution PDFs from a location that is advised to "email" members each month.
  • Club Magazine
    Landcruising Australia Wide was previously circulated to financial members of the Club, as well as life and honorary members, interstate Toyota Landcruiser Clubs, and other reciprocating clubs. Produced two or three times per year it is now replaced by more articles in the (now colour) monthly newsletter. Newsletters and Magazine copies are deposited in both the State and National Libraries to meet publishing obligations.
    • September 1998 - not online
    • August 1999 - not online
    • August 2000 - not online
    • August 2001 - 30th Anniversary Issue - not online
  • Other Information

  • 4WD Insurance options
    Members can also find insurance options on the ANFWDC web page.
NPWS and ForestrySA Memorandum of Undetstandings
please go to the state 4WD association at and follow the Track Info link or the Govt Liaison link, for both this and the MOU with NPWS.